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Dr. Ronny Nekoukar

Dr. Ronny Nekoukar was born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He joined the military for 3 years prior to veterinary school where he developed leadership skills and motivation. He graduated from the university of Hungary in 1999, and preceded to follow his dream of becoming a veterinarian and dedicating his life to helping animals. Dr Ronny traveled the United States and was able to gain extensive experience thought the years. Throughout his journey, while working at an emergency animal hospital in Florida, Dr Ronny met his wife, Lilie Nekoukar, a veterinary technician and a caring animal lover. They relocated to California where they started a family with 2 children and many pets that they rescued along the way.

Today, Dr. Ronny Nekoukar has been warmly welcomed by the canyon country community and has been given the opportunity to reopen Sierra Veterinary Clinic.