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The Danger of Veterinary Internet Pharmacies

When you purchase pet meds in Santa Clarita, you want to be certain that what you purchase will be safe and effective in treating your family pet for the condition your veterinarian has diagnosed. You might be tempted by online pet pharmacy ads, touting cheaper prices on pet medications & supplies, offering home delivery services. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these online companies sell counterfeit drugs, drugs that have been incorrectly stored, reducing effectiveness, or drugs that exceed their expiration date. Because online pet pharmacies are not legally permitted to buy their supplies from veterinary pharmaceutical companies, they are purchasing mostly counterfeit, or copycat drugs, from dubious overseas suppliers.
Both brand name and generic drugs can be counterfeit, and the labels can be deceptive, giving the impression that they are the authentic product. When you purchase pet medications in Santa Clarita, it is a safer bet to buy directly from your veterinarian, who will guarantee the product’s authenticity. Your veterinarian cannot assure you that drugs purchased online will be effective or safe to administer, and they might, in fact, endanger your pet.

In conclusion, when you buy pet medications from online companies, you cannot be sure that your pet is getting the best possible care. Counterfeit drugs might be ineffective due to incorrect proportions of ingredients, or contain no active ingredients at all. They might be contaminated, causing dangerous side effects, or be past expiration date and therefore ineffective.

We strongly advise you to consider these facts when purchasing pet medications for your beloved family member. At Sierra Veterinary Clinic, you can be sure the medication or pet products you buy are the genuine product, are safe and effective, not past expiration, and have been stored correctly. Our products and medications are priced competitively, so that you don’t have to waste time and energy searching online, and be subjected to scams from possibly illegitimate online pharmacies.

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