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Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging – Pet Ultrasound in Canyon Country Is Now Offered By Sierra Veterinary Clinic

Ultrasound, a high-tech tool widely used in human medicine, has been bringing benefits to an ever increasing number of pets. Ultrasound helps to diagnose illness and determine treatment, with lower risk and less suffering to the pet.

We understand the importance of digital radiography in animal medicine, and are happy to announce that we have just installed the latest state-of the art pet ultrasound system at our animal clinic in Canyon Country. This digital radiography system allows us to get high-quality images within seconds.The use of a digital radiography system also enables reduced exposure to radiation. Our veterinarians use the ultrasound system to take a closer look inside a pet’s body and to view more detailed images of tissues than what can be provided by X-rays.

Pet Ultrasound Helps Avoid Surgery

Ultrasound can also prevent the need for exploratory surgery, for example with cancer patients. When the vet wants to know whether a tumor is still growing or not, pet ultrasound can provide the answers.

Pet ultrasound is very useful for detecting many problems that cannot be diagnosed with radiography alone. Ultrasound can be scheduled on certain days during the week and will be performed by a visiting clinician that specializes in this field.

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