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Sierra Veterinary Clinic – Pet Euthanasia in Canyon Country

At Sierra Veterinary Clinic, we understand how hard it can be to to say goodbye to a dear friend. As difficult as it is, when your pet companion suffers from a terminal illness, poor health or low quality of life, performing a gentle euthanasia is the most humane thing one can do. At our hospital, we will give you as much time as necessary and will answer any questions you may have before the procedure. Our compassionate staff and Veterinarians are here for you during this difficult time.

We are also able to provide in home euthanasia, where your pet can feel safe and comfortable, surrounded by family and loved ones. Following the procedure, you have several options for the aftercare procedure. You may choose to have your pet privately cremated and the ashes returned to you in a cedar Urn with porcelain paw print or a communal cremation can be performed. If you choose not to cremate your pet, you may make other arrangements such as burial. If you feel the time is near, please feel free to contact us for any advice or to answer any questions.