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Sierra Veterinary Clinic – Pet Microchipping in Canyon Country

A michrochip implant can be placed under the skin of your dog or cat. Each chip has a unique ID number. This can be extremely useful in case your pet is lost. The chip can be scanned and the number should match the owner’s information stored in the database.

The pet is first pre scanned to make sure no chip was previously place, then the chip is placed under the skin at the back of the neck, with  a special syringe, Then the chip is scanned again. You will get the chip ID and contact information of the recovery service in case your pet is lost. You will also get a collar tag to be placed on your pet so anyone who finds your pet can call the appropriate service number.

Many companies will require that the owner later will complete the registration, online or by mail. Additional fee is required.  Many owners fail to register appropriately or simply forget to.  In these unfortunate cases, the michrochip is practically useless.

Our prices are the lowest you can find. .

And .. we will actually register online for you at the time of chip placement.

For the convenience of your animal, we recommend to have the procedure done, if possible, at the time of spay/neuter.