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Surgery: Spay/Neuter

Surgery: Spay and Neuter in Canyon Country

As countless number of healthy dogs and cats are being euthanized each year, it is important to routinely spay/neuter dogs & cats.

Usually the procedure is simple, and is commonly performed when your pet reaches the age of 6 months

It is also beneficial to spay/neuter your dog in order to prevent some serious medical conditions:

  • Preventing the risk of prostate inflammation or infection, perineal hernia or testicular tumors in male dogs
  •  The risk of uterus infection in female dogs and cats is eliminated if spay is done early, the risk of breast cancer is significantly reduced in female dogs & cats
  • Unwanted behavior of dogs and cats is reduced or eliminated (roaming, fighting, vocalization etc.)

Prior to surgery, your pet will be examined; preoperative blood work will be taken and evaluated as needed.

General anesthesia is usually required; anesthesia is closely monitored during the procedure

An IV catheter is always recommended to allow administration of fluids and necessary drugs

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VIDEO – https://youtu.be/LbU0bHlIYko