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Vaccination – Dog

Vaccination – Dog

Our recommended protocol is based on the most up to date, nationally accepted guidelines:


* DHPPV (Distemper, Hepatitis, parainfluenza, Parvo)

Puppies (> 8 weeks) : 3 injections; 3-4 weeks apart

(Puppies older than 16 weeks may get only 2 vaccines)

Then Annual booster;

Then the vaccine is given only every 3 years;

* Rabies:  first vaccination at 4 months of age;

Then annual booster;

Then the vaccine is given only every 3 years

Bordatella  – (“kennel cough”)

given to 8-12 weeks old puppies;

Our new vaccine is given orally (no injection needed)

Then can be given annually;

It is recommended to dogs that are susceptible to infection, such dogs that will spend time at boarding facilities

Some groomers will require that your dog is up to date on his Bordatella vaccine

* Core Vaccines

Rattlesnake Vaccination

For dogs between 25 lbs and 100 lbs: Initially, 2 doses are given, spaced one month apart.

For dogs less than 25 lbs or over 100 lbs: Initially, 3 doses are given, spaced one month apart. This is due to a need for higher antibody levels in the larger and smaller breeds.

Afterwards, dogs should get at least one booster per year approximately one month before potential rattlesnake exposure (typically in February or March  when the temperature starts rising, creating an environment the rattlesnakes like).

Dogs in higher risk areas and dogs exposed to rattlesnakes for longer than 6 month periods (such as those that hike with their owners year-round) should receive a booster every 6 months.